Quickstart guide to branding your nonprofit

Need to get started quick with a complete visual brand for your nonprofit? Our quickstart guide to nonprofit branding will walk you through everything you need to quickly and easily build a comprehensive strategy with all the collateral materials your organization needs.

Step One: Buy a style guide
Cost: $20

A style guide is the basis of your visual identity and will define the look of your nonprofit with fonts and a color palette. You can buy a pre-built complete style guide very affordably from a handful of graphic design marketplaces. Search through one of the marketplace options below, and be sure to choose a style guide with Google Font options so you can make your website font match your font in print.

Resources: GraphicRiver, CreativeMarket

Step Two: Buy a logo
Cost: $50

A logo is the key visual mark of your organization, and unless you’re at an advanced level in branding, it’s best to hire a designer to create your logo. Luckily there are some affordable online marketplaces for creative work – and you could even use a logo generator in a pinch. Connect with a designer through one of the resources below, and make sure to provide them with information about your nonprofit
mission and your style guide.

Resources: fiverr, Upwork, Guru, DesignCrowd, 99designs, Logojoy

Step Three: Set up a website
Cost: $20 / month

These days, it’s really easy to build your own website. If you’re starting from scratch, all-in-one services like the resources listed below are your best bet. Here you can register your .org domain name, host the site, and pick a template in one place. Look for a template that looks like what other organizations in your space are using, and find one that lets you customize colors and fonts to match your style guide.

Resources: Squarespace, Wix, Weebly

Step Four: Order business cards
Cost: $100

Business cards are an essential part of your visual identity and credibility. With a color palette, logo, and fonts you can design your own, or use your logo designer to make one for you. Printing is easily done online – I recommend web searching for a coupon code first to save money and upgrading to a thicker paper stock.

Resources: VistaPrint, OvernightPrints, Moo

Step Five: Set up document templates
Cost: $50

In running your nonprofit, there are a few pieces of online and print collateral that you will need, usually letterhead, a flyer or brochure, and a PowerPoint template. You can set your color palette and font as the default in Microsoft Office programs and build your own, buy templates from an online marketplace, or use a freelancer to build them for you.

Resources: GraphicRiver, CreativeMarket, fiverr, Upwork, Guru, etc – see above

And just like that! You’ve got everything you need to build credibility with your new brand and convince the world that they should support the work that you’re doing.