It’s a Systems Problem

It’s hard to run a small nonprofit. Generally some combination of limited resources, lack of operations experience, and steep learning curve to best practices combine to make it difficult for small nonprofit managers and founders to sustain and be successful. But there is something remarkable about the individuals and small groups that take up this challenge. They have a passion for the mission work, insight into doing things differently, and unique understanding of how to make a difference is specific service communities. So what if we could make running a small nonprofit easier? What if we built a system designed specifically for nonprofit managers and founders who know how to change the world, but don’t always know how to run a nonprofit business? That’s what we’re doing now.

Nonprofits operate in a specific world with specific rules. Rules like restricted funds, functional expenses, 990s, donor management, grant reporting, and event marketing. The irony is that there are many people who start and run nonprofits without a fluency in these rules. Individuals typically create a nonprofit because they want to make the world and their community a better place to live, not because they want to fill out forms, track fund data, or any of the other operation minutia necessary to run an effective business. But at Tiny Opera House we know all the rules. We know how to implement best practices and structure operations to maximize effectiveness. So we build a system with these rules at its core so that small organization managers and founders can interface with our product simply and get still get great results. Small nonprofits should focus on changing the world – let Tiny Opera House focus on the rest.