It’s About Diversity

The nonprofit sector has a diversity problem. We tend to see the same types of people from the same types of backgrounds in board rooms and in staff positions. And the systematic peculiarities of starting and running a nonprofit, from the initial filings ( because doesn’t everyone know a lawyer to ask to help out for free? ) to tracking donations and IRS reporting to fundraising ( and doesn’t everyone have rich friends they can ask for money? ), perpetuate the barriers to entry into this sector for people of different backgrounds.

If we want to see new faces and hear new voices behind the scenes in nonprofit organizations then we need to work on diversifying our leadership development pipeline.

By making it easier for anyone to start and manage a successful nonprofit, Tiny Opera House is helping bring new perspectives into the conversation. Our platform enables startup and small nonprofit executives to manage effectively and understand best practices regardless of background or experience level. And by removing some of those threshold criteria, we are raising the success rates for new market entrants and seeding the diversity pipeline to make our sector better equipped to acknowledge and address to challenges of the future.