It’s About Data

The future of nonprofit management for all sizes of organizations is based in data. Data management helps our sector measure impact, administer grant funds, connect with supporters, communicate our successes to donors, and much much more. And as the cost of building data systems continues to come down, we are seeing new tools entering the marketplace that can make all of us more effective and our work more meaningful. The challenge becomes how to maximize the impact of new technology on our mission.

Large organizations have typically been at an advantage here because enterprise level systems with advanced functionality are expensive – not only in software costs but in the personnel needed to manage these systems. But that world is changing. Systems are being designed to be more intuitive and user friendly, and the ability to collect and manage data has never been easier. We see a lot of investment being made at top tier organizations to be ahead of the curve on this wave of data possibilities, and at Tiny Opera House we want to bring that same advanced functionality to benefit organizations on the small end of the spectrum. The future of data is here – and we’re committed to adapting best in class functionality to be available and accessible for small nonprofits. With the behind the scene data management powerhouse of Tiny Opera House, managers and founders have access to insights and analytics that have never before been possible – all while continuing to use the same tools that you’re already familiar with. Let us show you what’s possible now.