How Fonts Reinforce Your Nonprofit Brand

A picture is worth a thousand words, but you’ll still use words a lot. And how those words look is a key piece of your visual identity. Fonts are a fun thing to research ( nerd alert ) and there are a ton of blogs where designers talk about their favorite fonts. I can even talk about mine if you want? ( Univers 4 life ). If you’re buying a style guide, like we recommend in the section before this, then your job is selecting a font family from what is presented in your style guide options. And since this is a tactical branding guide and not a theoretical wishy-washy branding guide, our font advice will be direct: use a simple, clean, scalable font from Google Fonts.

Why Google Fonts

First, they’re free, and free is good. Second, with Google Fonts you can keep the exact same font on your website and emails that you use in print materials like flyers and business cards, which amplifies your branding in both consistency and repetition. Third, well there are only two reasons really. But they’re a pretty compelling two.

Simple, clean, scalable

The font you choose will show up on everything in a surprising array of sizes, from the tiny script under your logo to on a giant wall in PowerPoint. That’s why the concepts of simple, clean, and scalable are so important. Simple and clean fonts are ones that are not ornamented, meaning no frilly extra squiggles. Your goal is to communicate information with your text, so it needs to be easily readable. Scalable fonts are ones that can be read easily as small script and as giant text, so think about how your font will look in different sizes.

Using a group of fonts

Some style guides will pick not one, but multiple fonts that are designed to work together. This can be a great choice if you want to have more options in you fonts, just be sure to follow the guidance around which font gets used in which place ( header, body, etc ).

Using google fonts offline

Once you’ve selected a style guide with a nice clean Google Font ( or fonts ) you want to make sure you can use it not only online but in print as well. Check out the resources link below for instructions on how to download a google font on your computer so you can use it in any word processing or office productivity application

Resources – all the fonts you could ever want, with some easy search tools. For help downloading and installing a Google Font, check out their FAQs here.