How Tiny Opera House works

Tiny Opera House works by syncing with your nonprofit bank account to automatically populate transactions and financial reports. Transactions are tagged as grants, programs, or anything else through super simple and intuitive tagging process for next-level insights about your organization. With all this info in one place, we make it easy to build financials, 990 schedules, donor profiles, grant reports, and everything else you need to run an effective, vibrant, and meaningful nonprofit organization.

With beautiful financial reporting as easy as 1 -2 -3


Transactions automatically sync and populate from linked bank accounts and credit cards


Add tags or edit accounts to make sure your financial info is logged just the way you want


See how great your financials look, and filter by grant, program, or anything else

Feature Rich

  • Bank sync

    Live sync with financial accounts means no reconciliations or accounting tricks needed

  • Tagging Transactions

    Open tagging means you can track everything that happens in your organization

  • Reports you need

    Robust and custom reports based on time, program, or grant

  • Dashboard

    Dozens of dashboard elements let you visualize and share your organizational story

  • 990EZ support

    Formatted schedules for year-end tax filings means easy 990 reporting

  • Insight

    Deep insights from automatic connection with social profiles of your supporters

  • Analytics

    Analytics help you identify donor prospects and high-impact supporters

  • Grant Balances

    Live feed of grant balances and restricted funds so you always understand your true cash position

  • Task prompts

    Thoughtful prompts suggest new connections to make and keep you on schedule

  • Less work

    Data sync across platforms means less data entry

  • Mobile support

    Fully responsive mobile app so you can manage on the go

  • PDF prep

    Easy export options for preparing financials for board meetings or grant reports

  • Receipt capture

    Use your phone to upload pictures of receipts directly to individual transactions

  • Intuitive design

    Intuitive design so your data is always right where you need it