It’s a Systems Problem

It’s hard to run a small nonprofit. Generally some combination of limited resources, lack of operations experience, and steep learning curve to best practices combine to make it difficult for small nonprofit managers and founders to sustain and be successful. But there is something remarkable about the individuals and small … Read More

It’s About Data

The future of nonprofit management for all sizes of organizations is based in data. Data management helps our sector measure impact, administer grant funds, connect with supporters, communicate our successes to donors, and much much more. And as the cost of building data systems continues to come down, we are … Read More

It’s About Diversity

The nonprofit sector has a diversity problem. We tend to see the same types of people from the same types of backgrounds in board rooms and in staff positions. And the systematic peculiarities of starting and running a nonprofit, from the initial filings ( because doesn’t everyone know a lawyer … Read More

It’s About Creativity and Innovation

Small nonprofits are lot more than just small. Sure budgets are tight, but in the face of constrained resources leaders of these organizations are forced to think outside the box. And since creativity loves a box to break out of, small nonprofits are also the engine of innovation in the … Read More

My Mom and the Pie Argument

One common argument against the creation of more nonprofits has to do with pie. Not delicious pie, but a theoretical pie of resources that is available to social sector organizations in a given community. The theory says that there is a finite amount of resources at play, and that if … Read More

It’s Just Like Everything Else

Over the past decade, there has been an overwhelming economic trend toward the empowerment of individuals and small groups over large organizations. Social media has made it possible for everyone to have a voice, Square made it possible for everyone to accept credit cards, Kickstarter made everyone a philanthropist, and … Read More

Scale is Not a Magic Bullet

The concept of economies of scale makes the most sense when applied to the manufacturing sector. If you’re building a car, then you have to buy parts to make that car, and those parts cost money. If you have the capacity to buy parts in bulk, then you can pay … Read More

Why Tiny Opera House

This is the first of a series of posts that will give backstory and gravity to the mission of Tiny Opera House. And it all starts with a simple question: Why? Why should we support small and startup nonprofits? And why do we need any more nonprofit organizations? Why Tiny … Read More

Welcome to the Future of Small Nonprofit Management

Small nonprofits are the engines of innovation in the social-good space. But running a small organization is hard without the right tools. We’re proud to be launching Tiny Opera House to help small organizations by empowering founder/directors with the same tools large organizations benefit from. Welcome to the Future of … Read More