The Basics and Strategy of Running a Small Nonprofit

Our first program in the Small & Startup Nonprofit Academy reviewed the basics of what is this nonprofit thing anyways and helped participants think about strategic planning, both for themselves as humans and for their organizations. Check out the presentation materials below, or check out our video on YouTube! Basics … Read More

Fundraising and Grants for Small Nonprofits

For the fourth program in our free 8-week training course for startup and small nonprofits, we talked about effective fundraising and grant strategies, and how things look different when you’re raising money for a new organization. You can download the presentation below, or check out our video on YouTube! e-Mail … Read More

Financial Management for Small Nonprofits – Part Two

For the third program in our free 8-week training course for startup and small nonprofits, we’ll take things to the next level and learn about budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow projections. Check out our nonprofit budget template Check out our cash flow template You can download our presentation below, or … Read More

Do you need to send 1099s from your nonprofit?

Whether you’re a calendar year or fiscal year filer, January will prompt a number of organizational due-dates for your nonprofit. One of these that you’re likely to face, as a small organization without much in the way of payroll, are filing requirements for 1099 and 1096 forms. You’ve probably received … Read More

Smart Nonprofit Branding with a Color Palette

Think of the red in Coca Cola, or the orange in Home Depot, or the blue in Facebook. These colors represent the brand of those organizations as much as the logos and names themselves. Choosing, and more importantly using, a standard set of colors helps reinforce the brand your nonprofit … Read More

How Fonts Reinforce Your Nonprofit Brand

A picture is worth a thousand words, but you’ll still use words a lot. And how those words look is a key piece of your visual identity. Fonts are a fun thing to research ( nerd alert ) and there are a ton of blogs where designers talk about their … Read More

Using a Style Guide for your Nonprofit Brand

A style guide is a reference tool that shows the key components of your visual identity in one, easily accessible document so you always have the specifics. It’s something that you’ll have open when working on any collateral document so you can add in your fonts and colors as needed. … Read More

Finding Inspiration For Your Nonprofit Branding

Before you make any decisions about your visual branding, first you need to do some research. Research can help give you a general idea of what you’re looking for and provide a starting point for working with designers or picking out online graphic materials for your nonprofit. Your two major … Read More

The Essential Pillars of Nonprofit Branding – Consistency & Repetition

Branding is how you communicate with the outside world about who you are as a nonprofit organization and why your work matters. It represents all of your visual and mission identity and is a crucial part of building trust with your organization and sharing your values. It’s also a bunch … Read More

Quickstart guide to branding your nonprofit

Need to get started quick with a complete visual brand for your nonprofit? Our quickstart guide to nonprofit branding will walk you through everything you need to quickly and easily build a comprehensive strategy with all the collateral materials your organization needs. Quickstart guide to branding your nonprofit was last … Read More