Do you need to send 1099s from your nonprofit?

Whether you’re a calendar year or fiscal year filer, January will prompt a number of organizational due-dates for your nonprofit. One of these that you’re likely to face, as a small organization without much in the way of payroll, are filing requirements for 1099 and 1096 forms. You’ve probably received … Read More

Nonprofit Financial Reporting Secrets

When you’re running a small or startup nonprofit, you end up with a lot on your plate that may be new to you. For many Executive Directors, one of these learning-curve things will be nonprofit financial reporting. And while you may think of financial reports as just a requirement, through … Read More

Financial Management for Small Nonprofits – Part One

For the second program in our free 8-week training course for startup and small nonprofits, we talked about the basics of financial reporting about how to be ahead of the curve when applying for grants and preparing financials for the board. You can download the presentation below, or check out … Read More