How to write a press release

How do you get the media to pay attention to the great work your nonprofit is doing? The secret is writing a good press release. Learning to write a good press release (and get it to the correct person) is one of the most important things you can do to … Read More

Branding & Marketing for Small Nonprofits

How do you get the word out about your organization, and how do you tell your story most effectively? In this workshop we talk about tools and strategies that are perfectly suited for small and startup organizations. Download the presentation below, or you can check out our video on YouTube! … Read More

Board Management for Small Nonprofits

What is the board supposed to be doing, anyways? For the fifth program in our free 8-week training course for startup and small nonprofits, we’ll talk about board roles, building an effective board, managing board members, and why strong organizations need a strong board. You can download our presentation below, … Read More

Tiny Opera House Academy

Welcome to our 8-part webinar training program for small and startup nonprofits! Our curriculum provides real-world, startup-specific information from the basics of how to open a bank account to fundraising to creating your first strategic plan. We’ll show you everything to need to get your new nonprofit up and running … Read More

5 Tips for Filing Your Own 990

For many nonprofit organizations, the annual 990 is a source of anxiety, dread, and a harbinger of expensive accounting fees to come. But for most newly-created and small organizations, with a little guidance and the right tools, 990 filing is not nearly as insurmountable as it seems. 5 Tips for … Read More

Nonprofit Financial Reporting Secrets

When you’re running a small or startup nonprofit, you end up with a lot on your plate that may be new to you. For many Executive Directors, one of these learning-curve things will be nonprofit financial reporting. And while you may think of financial reports as just a requirement, through … Read More

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Nonprofit Budget Season

It’s that time of year again! For some of us it started a few weeks ago, for some it may not happen until November. And for others, it may happen in a completely different month for reasons that always seemed good at the time but every year cause a bit … Read More

Meet DEEP – Our First Pilot Nonprofit User

We’re thrilled to be working with Dr. Gina Gianzero and the Diamond Educational Excellence Project as our very first pilot user of Tiny Opera House! Gina is a force within the education and advocacy community of San Diego and her organization works to mobilize partner organizations and community leaders around … Read More

New Design For Tiny Opera House App

We just launched a new and completely redesigned look for the Tiny Opera House app! Now it’s working well AND looking good – stay tuned for more! New Design For Tiny Opera House App was last modified: July 5th, 2018 by T. Hampton Dohrman

It’s a Systems Problem

It’s hard to run a small nonprofit. Generally some combination of limited resources, lack of operations experience, and steep learning curve to best practices combine to make it difficult for small nonprofit managers and founders to sustain and be successful. But there is something remarkable about the individuals and small … Read More