Building the Big Tiny

It started back in January, with one of those “Hey you should talk to…” introductions.  After a few coffee meets and getting to know each other, Hampton Dohrman and I decided to build Tiny Opera House in order to give the smallest of nonprofits a tool they could easily use … Read More

Quickstart guide to branding your nonprofit

Need to get started quick with a complete visual brand for your nonprofit? Our quickstart guide to nonprofit branding will walk you through everything you need to quickly and easily build a comprehensive strategy with all the collateral materials your organization needs. Quickstart guide to branding your nonprofit was last … Read More

How to look like you’re a real nonprofit

Getting all your paperwork filed and making your organization official is only a starting point to building a great nonprofit. To build credibility with potential donors and future partners, your organization needs to maintain a public presence that inspires confidence. Your new organization needs to look like a stable, professional … Read More

How to get started when you’re just getting started

So you want to save the whales. Or the puppies. Or the children. Or the trees. Or maybe it’s something else? In all the time I’ve spent working in the nonprofit sector, nothing is as inspiring to me as the individuals and small groups that come together to create a … Read More

How to open a nonprofit bank account

It’s hard to do anything in the real nonprofit world without a bank account. Luckily, the process is pretty easy once you’ve formed a legal nonprofit organization with the state you live in, and completed all the subsequent registration forms and filings with the IRS and other entities ( check … Read More

Join us in San Diego!

Join us on Thursday, October 18 at Moniker Commons in Liberty Station ( 2869 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106 ) from 6PM – 8PM for our first LIVE Tiny Opera House event! Tiny Opera House and WilkMazz are partnering to host an evening of community, collaboration, and big … Read More