Website and Technology for Small Nonprofits

When you’ve got a small team, how can your maximize your time and the reach of your nonprofit? We’ll give you some strategies on using technology to automate, integrate, and accelerate your organization. You can download the presentation materials below, or check out our YouTube video here! e-Mail This is … Read More

Program Management for Small Nonprofits

Building and running great programs is key to your mission. We’ll talk about how to bootstrap high-value programs as a small organization and how to measure the impact of your work. You can download the presentation below, and also check out the video on YouTube! e-Mail This is required. Submit … Read More

How to write a press release

How do you get the media to pay attention to the great work your nonprofit is doing? The secret is writing a good press release. Learning to write a good press release (and get it to the correct person) is one of the most important things you can do to … Read More

Branding & Marketing for Small Nonprofits

How do you get the word out about your organization, and how do you tell your story most effectively? In this workshop we talk about tools and strategies that are perfectly suited for small and startup organizations. Download the presentation below, or you can check out our video on YouTube! … Read More