New Design For Tiny Opera House App

We just launched a new and completely redesigned look for the Tiny Opera House app! Now it’s working well AND looking good – stay tuned for more! New Design For Tiny Opera House App was last modified: July 5th, 2018 by T. Hampton Dohrman

It’s a Systems Problem

It’s hard to run a small nonprofit. Generally some combination of limited resources, lack of operations experience, and steep learning curve to best practices combine to make it difficult for small nonprofit managers and founders to sustain and be successful. But there is something remarkable about the individuals and small … Read More

It’s About Data

The future of nonprofit management for all sizes of organizations is based in data. Data management helps our sector measure impact, administer grant funds, connect with supporters, communicate our successes to donors, and much much more. And as the cost of building data systems continues to come down, we are … Read More

It’s About Diversity

The nonprofit sector has a diversity problem. We tend to see the same types of people from the same types of backgrounds in board rooms and in staff positions. And the systematic peculiarities of starting and running a nonprofit, from the initial filings ( because doesn’t everyone know a lawyer … Read More